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a r t  p o r t f o l i o

My work is about the sensations that arise, when we feel the unseen and untouchable, especially when we are confronted with smells. The challenge is to bring understanding for the boundless intensity we have as human beings. We are unlimited in our emotions towards ourselves, our fellow humans and the things that sometimes just seem to be in the air. My wish is to be a mediator between the unseen and the observer. I believe, as an artist, it is my purpose to connect these two worlds.

Before I put anything on paper I absorb as much as I can of my surroundings, which includes smells, feelings, interconnectivity and the sheer essence of beings. I observe, listen and connect with the details which appear in nature. These observations influence any perception that I translate into colors and shapes.

s m e l l s c a p e s

smellscape painting

s o u l s e e d s

soulseed painting of Busra
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