My work is about the sensations that arise, when we feel the unseen and untouchable. It is particularly about the things we can only feel within our bodies and the bodies of our fellow human beings; fundamentally the sensitivity in and around us.


Before I put anything on paper I absorb as much as I can of my surroundings, which includes smells, feelings, interconnectivity and the sheer essence of beings. I observe, listen and connect with the details which appear in nature, like the sounds of friction between water and wind. These observations influence any perception that I translate into colors and shapes.


With my recent work “soulseeds” I capture the vibrant souls of humans. I am convinced that the real connection between me and other human beings is not visible to the eye; it is only felt and perceived with my soul and mind. I am creating visibility for this connection that is hidden from our spatial sight.

The challenge is to bring understanding for the boundless intensity we have as human beings. We are unlimited in our emotions towards ourselves, our fellow humans and the things that sometimes just seem to be in the air. My wish is to be a mediator between the unseen and the observer. I believe, as an artist, it is my purpose to connect these two worlds.

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I did a Bachelor of Arts focusing on Film at Maastricht Academy of Media Design and Technology and graduated in 2016. Afterwards I took a mental break and continued my education in 2017, when I started my Master studies at Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design.

I graduated in 2019 and moved to Berlin, where I worked as an Art Director in an agency to gain experience in a creative working environment. After a certain time I realized what I wanted to express as a creative person was not meant to be expressed in an agency that works with advertisements for different brands.

I was longing for something more enduring, organic, narrative. Something more personal; from my own personality.

So in May 2021 I rented an atelier, where I have worked ever since. I established my own creative practice and I am happy to share it with the public.

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v i t a

Sep 2021

participant Open Studios

Künstler aus Gebäude F

during Berlin Art Week 2021

Berlin / Germany

Dec 2019 - Jun 2021


Art Director

at Buddybrand

Berlin / Germany

2017 - 2019

Master of Arts in Fine Art and Design

specialization in Artistic Matters

at Maastricht Academy of Fine Art and Design

Maastricht / The Netherlands


Feb - Jun 2019


Creative Support

at St. Augustine University of Tanzania

Mwanza / Tanzania

Oct 2018

participant exhibition

Nature created by Design

at Seoul Institue of the Arts

Ansan (Seoul) / South Korea

Feb - Jul 2018

B.A. semester abroad

Graphic Design

at Cape Peninsula University of Technology

Cape Town / South Africa

2012 - 2016

Bachelor of Arts in Design

specialization in Media and Film

at Maastricht Academy of Media Design and Technology

Maastricht / The Netherlands

Jul 2016

public screening

Vorfreude (short movie)

at Lumiere Cinema

Maastricht / The Netherlands

May 2016

TV screening

DABDA (short movie)

at L1 Video Power Nacht

Limburg / The Netherlands

Dec 2015

public screening (official selection Euregion Shorts 2015)

DABDA (short movie)

at Euregion Shorts

in Heerlen / The Netherlands