Soulseeds are very small paintings of the seeds of human souls. As our bodies come into existence from seeds, our souls come into being from seeds as well. In these small paintings I capture profound and intense emotions:

I represent the exact, detailed images of human souls. To grasp the essence of a human being I seek out and read their emotional presence, their smell, their sound, their mental strength and their insecurities; and also visible things such as facial expression and gesture. When I receive these human factors with my perception and my physical body I render them into colors and shapes, which ultimately result in soulseeds. 

A scent -for example- reveals more than just an olfactory sensation to me. Smell is something we notice as ephemeral and subtile. But every person has its own distinctive scent, just like every person has its own unmistakable soul. Like invisible fingerprints. 

What my regular and extraordinary senses tell me about another human’s soul is a fascinating revelation to me. It is the core of my work, the very beginning. The whole process of creating soulseeds is my language to express what I see in the unseen. Some might call it a peculiar mix of synesthesia and mystique aura work, I myself like to call it “soul reading.” 


If you are interested in being part of this art piece, shoot me a message. I am happy to draw your soulseed.

I also do commissioned work.

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