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h a b i t u s

habitus is a resumption of my work soulseeds. It is about the appearance and performance of spirit and soul.

I imagine that our soulseeds start to grow when our bodies do. So our souls go through certain growth processes as well. This growth is connected to the mind and body.

In habitus -much like in soulseeds- I capture the colors and shapes of souls; of their appearances and performances. I also believe that we can influence our soul's wellbeing by adding new colors and therefor change its performance and mood.

My soul color is a bright red. I added some deep red into it, and I have felt more fierce, more confident, more sharp. It is like painting the walls of your home to change moods, or give it a certain mood, to feel in a certain way. But instead of changing all the colors of your home you can simply add a desired color to your soul color. That is how I experiment with this.

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