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hidden gems of the mind


The hidden gems in our minds are at the center of my work. Hidden gems are interesting, peculiar, yet unheard and unnoticed thoughts such as

„,why does the week in my mind look so different compared to what I see in a calendar?“ or ,„how can I translate my friends’ scents into something visible?“

When I started my artist career, I decided to dedicate my work to these trains of thought. I work from a personal perspective and I want my art to be the starting point of a dialogue about other uncommon thought processes. What is something you’ve been thinking about for your entire life, but never paid attention to? Is there something specific you connect to people, such as colors or shapes, that goes unnoticed, but is so familiar to you, that you do not even realize that it might be something special to the humans around you?

I want the viewers to embrace their weirdness, to share and see where it can lead them in life. I see my work as food for thought to exit seriousness for a moment, think playfully, follow your inner gut feeling and give lightness to the mind.

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