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hometown smellscapes:
a study about the place i grew up

In this series of paintings I explore place, memory, and the ties that bind us to our origins. This exploration has manifested in three distinct artworks, each representing the essence of the cornerstones of my upbringing: my hometown of Bonn, the street where I spent my childhood, and the house that was the backdrop to my early years.

In order to create more connection in between my smellscape paintings, the surroundings they represent and me as the creator, I started collecting plants to make my own pigments and use those in my paintings. The idea is to use the resources of a city, village, street or home to create the corresponding painting. This way I also get to understand the surroundings better and can expand into spaces I haven’t seen before.

I like the idea of this immediate connection between painting and the space it represents.

smellscape bonn 70x50.png

smellscape of bonn
with red cabbage pigment

smellscape bonn 01.PNG
smellscape bonn detail 02.png
ramersdorfer strasse smellscape_.png

smellscape of ramersdorfer straße
with dandelion pigment

smellscape of home detail 01.png
smellscape of home detail 03.png

smellscape of home
with peonies pigment

smellscape of home detail 02.png
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