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l i q u i d  p l a y

The liquid play is the first part of something big. For now I am experimenting with colors and their unpredictability in movement. I use it as a tool to express feelings, perception of daily things that occur.

Since I have studied video making at the Art Academy, I have felt the urge to work with this skill aswell. I do not want it to go to waste. Finally, in this project, I have managed to connect painting and video making. 

Not only am I creating flowy videos, I am using the painting afterwards. This way the paper has a double purpose.

In the future I want to add a third layer on top of painting and video: installations in spaces. Albeit concerts, installations in nature, collaborations with other artist, I am very open to anything that might come my way. You can contact me anytime, if you feel like working with me!

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