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lisboa series

In this series of paintings I captured my synesthetic perception of the beautiful city Lisbon. Within the first days of arriving here, I realized there was a very light energy filling up this place. It was noisy, sometimes a bit too much, but what kept me going and sane was that light energy I could connect to.

In the following you see selected works of my 2,5 months residency at Prisma in Lisbon.

Lisbon Streets_100x100cm_2024.jpg

lisbon streets, 100x100cm (2024) for sale

small painting.png

alfama I, 10,5x8cm (2024) for sale

Lisbon Streets Close up 01_.png

close up of lisbon streets, 100x100cm (2024) for sale


top: lisbon streets, 100x100cm (2024), bottom: prisma 50x70cm // both for sale

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