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m e   w o r k in g

Because I travel most of the time, I can have studio time anywhere. And so I started looking for nice spots. In the mountains, in the valleys, sometimes in cafes full of people.

I like travelling and working while I am on the road. It is interesting to see how new surroundings and new people can influence my work and vice versa.


I recorded some of the spots, where I have worked and here is a selection of where I had my studio times this year. I like to call my working space the "anywhere studio".

color palette at serra vida in Portugal

In order to give the viewer the most beautiful view on my acrylic artworks, I stretch the paper before painting. 

There is one thing I really don’t like while painting and that is paper buckles, so I had to establish this method into my practice.

I want my larger paintings to show a certain level of quality and this method gives me reassurance that they do.

It became quite a meditative process, which I learnt to love.

I use a multiplex wooden board as a base to stretch my paper. After stretching different kinds of papers I decided to continue with Arches hand made aquarelle paper (300g). It has the best results for me.

I put the paper in cold water and let it soak for about an hour. While the paper soaks, I clean the multiplex board. It must be super clean, because a little grain already makes trouble. When the paper is done soaking I take it out of the water; I only touch it with thumb and pointing finger on the top edge. I hold it for about a minute so the water can drop off a little. Then I put it on the multiplex board and sweep it from inside out with a sponge, to get out air bubbles underneath the paper. To fix the paper on the board I use wet tape. The adhesive of the tape enters the fiber of the wet paper. I only use a little water to stick it to the paper, because if it's too wet chances are high the paper dries faster than the tape. This causes that the paper contracts again and slips out underneath the wet tape. And this should not happen.

After a night of drying the paper is ready to be painted. When the paint is dry I cut out the paper and the artwork is finished.

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