These paintings are about my engagement with the friction of water and wind. I myself am a water sign and I often catch myself thinking blue. Because my favorite place is blue. The ocean inspires, influences and guides me; and for that I love and cherish it. It is the most tremendous place I know: the sounds of the waves please my soul; the blue and turquoise water balances my being and the feeling it gives me is impossible to put into words. 

This feeling echoes in my chest even when I am not at the sea. It is a bitter nostalgia that I want to express and since I am not able to put it into words I translated it into these paintings. 

I chose the title of this series based on my experience at the Indian Ocean on the coast of Kenya in 2022. I felt a very strong attraction to the force of the ocean’s movement. The thought that the ocean never stops moving kind of hit me, although it is not big news at all. For years I haven’t had this place to call my home and I myself have been on the move for so long. I am looking for this particular place to arrive. And then I realized, that what I have in common with the ocean, made it my home:

Never not moving.

n e v e r 


n o t  m o v i n g