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Smellscape Of Bonn

Experience the captivating essence of my hometown, Bonn, Germany, through this abstract painting from the "Smellscapes" collection.
Diving into the unique olfactory landscape of the city, I have crafted this visual piece that captures the essence of Bonn.

With over 19 years of first hand connection to this city, I have intertwined the scent of Bonn with this hue of blue, symbolizing the bond I share with my birthplace. The painting can be enjoyed as a big whole. Upon closer examination, you'll discover multiple details, reminiscent of the winding streets of a city.

This painting is created with watercolor and acrylic ink on synthetic paper.

Size: 50x70 cm

Original Created: 2023

Subjects: Abstract

Materials: Paper; Other

Styles: Abstract; Conceptual; Contemporary; Fine Art

Mediums: Watercolor; Acrylic Ink

Price: 750€ excl tax, incl frame

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