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Smellscape Of My Home

Get ready for an incredible journey into a smell that I know like the back of my hand. When I was a kid, I always wondered why our home had a different smell compared to others. It was a mystery then, and it still challenges me today. This smell is so familiar to me that I hardly notice it most of the time. It's kinda neutral, you know?

But there are moments, like when I come back home after being away for a while, where it hits me in the face. Those moments are pure gold to me, and I've figured out a way to capture that feeling.


I've translated this scent into something you can experience firsthand. It's taken a lot of care and creativity to bring it to life.

With this creation, you can feel that special smell that holds so many memories for me. It's like stepping into a time machine that brings back all those cozy and comforting moments.


So, get ready to dive into this amazing smell. Let it take you on a trip down memory lane, where familiar scents blend with the present.

Size: A4

Original Created: 2023

Subjects: Abstract

Materials: Paper; Other

Styles: Abstract; Conceptual; Contemporary; Fine Art

Mediums: Watercolor; Acrylic Ink

Price: 320€ excl tax, incl frame

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