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Smellscape Of Home Town Street

Immerse yourself in the smellscape of the neighborhood that shaped my upbringing. Ramersdorfer Strasse, my second home in Bonn, holds a special place in my heart. It became our haven in the year 2000 when my parents and I relocated there, just before the arrival of my sister.

Initially, I resented the move. It meant being farther from school and, consequently, distanced from my friends. The thought of saying farewell to my very first home filled me with unease. I recall shedding tears on that last morning, overwhelmed with emotions as I said adieu to my home. It signified the end of an era, knowing that I would never return there after school that day.

This painting is created with watercolor and acrylic ink on synthetic paper.

Size: 50x70cm

Original Created: 2023

Subjects: Abstract

Materials: Paper; Other

Styles: Abstract; Conceptual; Contemporary; Fine Art

Mediums: Watercolor; Acrylic Ink

Price: 750€ excl tax, incl frame

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