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s o u l s e e d s

Soulseeds are very small paintings of the seeds of human souls. As our bodies come into existence from seeds, our souls come into being from seeds as well. In these small paintings I capture profound and intense emotions:

I represent the exact, detailed images of human souls. To grasp the essence of a human being I seek out and read their emotional presence, their smell, their sound, their mental strength and their insecurities; and also visible things such as facial expression and gesture. When I receive these human factors with my perception and my physical body I render them into colors and shapes, which ultimately result in soulseeds. 

A scent -for example- reveals more than just an olfactory sensation to me. Smell is something we notice as ephemeral and subtile. But every person has its own distinctive scent, just like every person has its own unmistakable soul. Like invisible fingerprints. 

What my regular and extraordinary senses tell me about another human’s soul is a fascinating revelation to me. It is the core of my work, the very beginning. The whole process of creating soulseeds is my language to express what I see in the unseen. Some might call it a peculiar mix of synesthesia and mystical aura work, I myself like to call it “soul reading.” 


If you are interested in being part of this art piece, shoot me a message. I am happy to draw your soulseed.

I also do commissioned work for those who want to have their seeds framed in their homes. You can send me an email to and check out the many seeds on my instagram account.

putting one soulseed painting on the wall
soulseed ainting of my sister Deniz

my sister's seed. I have thought for a long time about what to write. Finally I found the right words.

My sister's name is Deniz. Deniz is the turkish word for ocean. My name's meaning is tear drop. My sister and I we are both salty. She is the big whole, I am the many small pieces. She is the ever changing flood, I am the big emotions. She is the strong current that catches my pieces. I needed a certain time to understand what my sister means and is to me. How her sheer existence shaped me as a person. And how to put the pieces from the past together we had formed as individuals and as siblings.

If you are familiar with me, you know that I have a strong desire, love and connection to the ocean. I have that love and connection to my sister; I love her to the deepest part of the ocean and back to the surface.

soulseed of John

John's seed. This is a very special seed to me. I think this was the first seed I consciously felt. And the human it belongs to has been a driving force in the past years of my life and in the process of soulseeds. John‘s seed represents an adventure in a very icy, cold place. Everything is covered in ice and snow, which makes it a very quiet place, too. Behind a little hill there is a pretty big grey and white wolf with steel blue eyes, like Larimar stones. I can only see his head and upper body. He’s not frightening, but very protective of this spot. When I look behind me, there is a deep turquoise lake, which -despite of the coldness- is still in motion.
Some souls only translate into one color. This is one of them.
The contradictive part of this is that the person behind this seed is one of the most warmest and generous I know of.

A lot of emotions and connections sit in this particular painting.

soulseed painting of Busra

Busra's seed. When I asked Buşra about how she relates to her soul, she said that her soul is walking her home. Her soul is old and full of wisdom.
She is a KAP practitioner. KAP is shortcut for Kundalini Activation Process. With KAP she wants to help people to connect to their soul in order to walk them home, too.
In the end we are walking each other home.

What a beautiful thought.

soulseed painting of Saskia

Saskia's seed. Saskia about her seed: "I think human beings are naturally curious about how others perceive them. We wanna feel seen and honoured to have a sense of belonging. My soulseed makes me feel seen in a kind and loving way through Esrin's eyes.
It’s like a warm hug that you get to keep."

soulseed painting of Amber

Amber's seed. Amber about her seed: "I feel blessed, honoured and humbled to be gifted such a beautiful piece of ART right from the HEART."

soulseed painting of Shona and Daniel

Shona and Daniel's seeds. Two souls in love in a valley in Portugal. It is always nice to see couple seeds together.

soulseed painting of Mavi

Mavi's seed.

soulseed group

from top left to bottom right

John's seed

Saskia's seed

Busra's seed

Nuray's seed

Veronika's seed

Sena's seed

Daniel's seed

Dede's seed

Mehtap's seed

Oezer's seed

Mimi's seed

Brad's seed

Deniz' seed

Mavi's seed

Patrick's seed

Kristin's seed

Susanna's seed

my seed

soulseed painting of Sena

Sena's seed.

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